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SoundTITE Windows are optical grade acrylic panels with a magnetic sealing system that is installed over the interior of your windows. SoundTITE Windows can be put in place with no messy construction and are used over your existing windows. They reduce noise pollution, reduce your energy bill, and protect your home or building from UV rays and allergens. Our window inserts can be used on any size or shape window and are perfect for residential, commercial, or historic properties. We offer a high quality soundproof window insert solution for those who are suffering from undue noise pollution, whether it’s a residential home, office building, hotel, or historical property.

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Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the city disturb your patrons’ sleep. SoundTITE Windows will reduce outside noise, allowing your customers to have a restful night’s sleep and they are only the fraction of the cost of new windows. Our soundproof windows make hotels more enjoyable for guests and more marketable for their management. Avoid messy and time consuming construction with SoundTITE Windows.

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Keeping Your Existing Window While Stopping Outside Noise
August 25, 2017

Everyone wants to see how well SoundTITE windows work to block outside noise before and after they are installed. The…

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SoundTITE Covers Doors to Keep Out French Quarter Noise
February 16, 2017

Can you cover a door? In this case, the noise was coming from inebriated tourists sitting on the stoop outside…

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