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SoundTITE Windows were created in the 1970s as the solution to a very tall problem: how to reduce energy loss in skyscrapers. The big catch? The windows needed to be insulated from the inside and couldn’t involve lots of construction. The solution, Magnetite Windows, came to energy physicist Ken Foster in the middle of the night when get got up for a glass of water. As he opened his refrigerator door, he realized that the same sealing mechanism, magnets, could be used as a sealant in conjunction with acrylic panes to create a insulating window pane that was removable, virtually construction free, and reduced energy loss by up to 70%.

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SoundTITE Windows were originally sold to customers who needed a more cost effective way to reduce energy waste in the 70s and 80s. By the mid 80s, Baton Rouge, Louisiana had become the national distribution hub for Magnetite Windows through the work of Jim Rolland. By the 1990s, Magnetite Windows were being sold by local dealers, Sears, and even internationally.

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By 2012, the need for a product that would be a cost effective way to reduce noise pollution in residential and commercial properties became apparent. Around this time, Buddy Rousell, another Magnetite distributer in Baton Rouge, bought the business from Jim and came up with a new innovation: thicker acrylic.

By increasing the thickness of the acrylic used in the window panes, Buddy had created a new product with all the benefits of Magnetite, plus one more: noise pollution reduction. Since creating SoundTITE Windows, Buddy has been featured on the Travel Channel show Hotel Impossible where he helps hotel owners reduce their noise issues.

After 3 decades of use in countless, homes, hotels, hospitals, and office building Magnetite and SoundTITE products continue to create safe, energy efficient, and quiet spaces across the United States. SoundTITE Windows is proud to help you save money and save time.

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