Technical Details

  • Thermal Insulation

    Our SoundTITE Optical Grade Acrylic Windows can provide up to 115% better thermal resistance than a single pane of glass.

    Glass: 5 to 6 btu/hr/sq ft/°F, according to CRC Handbook of Chemistry
    Acrylic: 0.7 to 1.7 btu/hr/sq ft/°F,according to Handbook of Plastics (indicates that acrylic is up to 8 times more thermally insulating than glass)

    U-value of .48 in combination with single pane window, as determined by John M. Yellott Laboratories, Arizona, in tests performed.

    Heat loss reduction of 412.5 btu/hr/ft sq (from 687.0 to 274.5) when applied to single pane window. As determined by Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA, in tests performed.

  • Shatter Resistance

    Our SoundTITE Optical Grade Acrylic Windows are 17 times stronger than a single pane of glass.

    Which means that they are virtually shatterproof

  • Sound Control

    Our SoundTITE retrofit double glazing can reduce noise by 70% through your existing window

    Sound Transmission Class (STC rating) is used to measure the resistance to noise that will pass through a partition. The STC Rating can improve from 28 (Dual 1/8" glass panes with 3/8" air space) to 41 when SoundTITE is added. The effective sound transmission reduction is over 70% (Particularly effective in 250-4000 Hz range) As determined by Acoustical Systems, Austin, TX NVLAP Lab Code# 100286-0, ASTM-E90 Test AS-TL2739.

  • UV control

    Ultraviolet light waves between 300 and 355 reduced by 99.1% when passing through acrylic sheet and UV light waves between 360 and 375 reduced by 66.2%. As determined by DSET Laboratories, Inc., Phoenix, in tests performed.

  • Air Infiltration

    Virtually all air infiltration is eliminated.

    A SoundTITE window air infiltration is rated at less than .01 cfm/lineal foot crack space, compared to DOE standard for storm windows of 2.0. Tested with 25 mph wind equivalent at The Associated Laboratories , Dallas, using ASTM E-283 test method. Similar results at the John M. Yellott Laboratories.

STC Ratings

  • What is an STC Rating?

    STC stands for Sound Transmission Class.

    STC ratings are a standardized way to measure how much sound is stopped by a specific material.

    The STC rating is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels.

  • What is the STC Rating on my existing single pane windows?

    For single pane windows, the average STC Rating is 26. By comparison, the STC rating of a typical interior commercial wall (filled with R-13 Insulation), is 43.

  • Understanding the STC Scale:

    STC ratings are a logarithmic scale similar to the earthquake Richter Scale - Each number is exponentially higher than the one before. A 10 db increase in an STC rating is equivalent to a 50% decrease in noise.

    For example: A window with a single pane of glass has an STC rating of 26. A solid core door has an STC rating of 36. (A difference of 10 db) Which means the solid core door would reduce noise 50% better than the window.

  • Is 100% Noise Reduction Possible?

    SoundTITE Windows cannot eliminate 100% of the noise, but sound can be reduced by 70%. In some cases less noise will be coming through the SoundTITE Windows than the walls.

    Brand New Energy Efficient Dual Pane Windows will not Stop Noise:

    A dual pane glass window might be great for energy efficiency, but it will have little effect on noise reduction.

Architectural Details

SoundTITE Windows can be mounted with a variety of configurations: