Noise problems? SoundTITE Windows are your solution.

SoundTITE Windows are unlike any window product on the the market. Made of a thick, optical grade acrylic and installed with a magnetic seal, SoundTITE Windows will reduce noise, increase energy efficiency, and be virtually invisible once installed.

Where traditional glass window panes conduct heat and noise and are expensive to replace, SoundTITE Windows offer a cost effective way to upgrade your windows without messy or costly construction.

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If you’re considering replacing or upgrading your windows, you may not know about a new, budget-friendly option: SoundTITE Windows. Based on the same technology as airplane windows and developed by scientists at MIT, SoundTITE Windows can upgrade your windows without needing to replace them.

Comprised of an optical grade acrylic pane and a magnetic sealing system, SoundTITE Windows fit over the interior of your existing windows and will reduce noise pollution, will increase your structures energy efficiency, and is completely removable.

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  • SoundTITE Windows will never fog or ice over because they are interior mounted.
  • Cleaning SoundTITE Windows are a breeze: simply use soap and water. If you need to get to your exterior windows cleaned, simply break the magnetic seal (as easy as opening a refrigerator) to remove the SoundTITE Window, and then snap it back in to place once you’re done.
  • SoundTITE Windows are great for those suffering from allergies or asthma. The magnetic seal ensures that no outside dust, pollen, dander, or other allergens will enter your home or building though windows.
  • In case of emergency, SoundTITE Windows easily and quickly snap out of place.
  • SoundTITE Windows are cut to fit for every order. That means we can accommodate any shape or sized window, from large glass walls, to circular portholes, to everything in between.


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Installation is a breeze. Our representatives will install SoundTITE Windows without any messy construction and without disturbing your windows or home.