Hotel Guests Losing Sleep? High Energy Bills in your Office?

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95% of outside noise comes in through windows. Years ago, the airline industry discovered that if they didn’t reduce the noise coming into their planes through passenger windows, they wouldn’t have any passengers left. Today, you can sit in an airplane, literally within feet of a massive jet engine, racing at full throttle, and not notice anything besides gentle white-noise. Airlines were able to achieve by changing their window panes from glass to optical grade acrylic windows. This same technology can be used in residential and commercial buildings without ever replacing a single window.

SoundTITE Windows contain the same optical grade acrylic used in jet aircrafts and were developed and patented by an energy physicist in conjunction with MIT. SoundTITE Windows are attach seamlessly to your existing window frames by magnetic force, meaning there is no messy or time consuming construction. This also allows SoundTITE Windows to be a fraction of the cost of glass window and to increase your energy savings.


Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the city disturb your patrons’ sleep. SoundTITE Windows will reduce outside noise, allowing your customers to have a restful night’s sleep and they are only the fraction of the cost of new windows. Avoid messy and time consuming construction with SoundTITE Windows.

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Why SoundTITE?

SoundTITE Windows were created from the same technology as airline windows, making them durable, high quality, and low cost. SoundTITE Windows will protect you from outside allergens and will reduce 70% of outside noise. Because of their unique sealing mechanism, SoundTITE Windows are a snap to install and don’t require construction. Once installed, they are virtually invisible.


SoundTITE Windows seal with the help of magnets, so the first step in installation is to attach metal edging to interior of the existing window. In order to maintain easy access to the original windows after installation and to keep the aesthetic integrity of the original window in tact, a divider is affixed at all window dividers.

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