Keeping Your Existing Window While Stopping Outside Noise

August 25, 2017

Everyone wants to see how well SoundTITE windows work to block outside noise before and after they are installed. The first picture of our sound meter is in a room where the panels are installed and not installed in the other.

In the next picture, a band was playing in the town square just outside the hotel window. We placed one sound meter between the SoundTITE panel and the existing window and another (smaller one) on the inside of the room. This nearly 20 decibels drop shows how well this product blocks noise.

You can see a huge drop in decibels when the panels are in place on your existing window. Experts say a drop of 3 decibels is significant. Both examples show a more than 6 decibel drop in highway and outside noise. We think that’s twice as significant! Keep your existing windows and stop the noise!

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